Wood Bioplastic #1

Sample Information
Made ByWendy Neale
Level of DifficultyEasy
Prep Time0.5 hour(s)
Curing Time24 hour(s)
IngredientsAgar, Glycerol, Wood dust, Alginate, water
Equipment NeededBio Pot, Hotplate, Silicone Spatula, Mould

15g agar 5g glycerol 5g alginate 1/2 cup wood dust 250ml water

Basic preparatory instructions go here.

  • prepare a mould to pour your plastic into
  • mix the alginate into the water and leave overnight
  • add the agar and heat, while stirring, until the agar is properly dissolved and the solution thickens
  • add the glycerol, stir
  • add the wood dust and stir
  • pour into the mould

This one shrinks a lot. You will see in the photo below how much it shrunk.

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