Kelp Leather

Sample Information
Made ByWendy Neale
Level of DifficultyModerate
Prep Time3 hour(s)
Curing Time24 hour(s)
IngredientsBull Kelp, Glycerol
Equipment NeededHotplate, Oven

Collect fresh bull kelp from a South coast beach. Make sure that it's not a reserve, as you're not allowed to take seaweed from reserves.

  • Cut the bull kelp into a useful size for the pot.
  • Roll it up, cover it with water and boil until the surface cells slough off.
  • Leave to cool and scrape the rest of the surface cells off with a blunt scraper.
  • Flay the bull kelp in half, exposing the internal honeycomb structure.
  • Dry it in the oven @ 30°C overnight
  • Soak in a 20% glycerol & 80% water solution (ideally small so it all soaks up)
  • Dry in oven overnight again.
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