Spirulina Agar Bioplastic

Sample Information
Made ByJaqueline Solis
Level of DifficultyEasy
Prep Time0.5 hour(s)
Curing Time48 hour(s)
IngredientsAgar, Glycerol, spirulina, water, beeswax
Equipment NeededBio Pot, Silicone Spatula, Teaspoon, Silicone Mat

- 500ml water

- 25gm agar

- 30ml glycerol

- 2.5gm spirulina powder

- 2 beeswax pellets (for texture)

* Mix agar and spirulina together in the cold water.

* Heat up mixture slowly and add wax pellets.

* When temperature reaches 47 degrees add glycerol.

* Stir until it reaches 95 degrees and then remove from heat.

* Pour it onto the silicone mat according to the shape you wish.

* Dry in the oven at 26 - 30 degrees for 2 to 3 days

You can make the colour darker by adding more spirulina. If you add the spirulina after the agar, it won't dissolve, but will be suspended, creating a different effect.

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