Wood Bioplastic #2A

Sample Information
Made ByWendy Neale
Level of DifficultyEasy
Prep Time0.5 hour(s)
Curing Time48 hour(s)
Ingredientswater, wood_dust, carnauba_wax, alginate, agar, Glycerol
Equipment Neededbio_pot, Silicone Spatula, heat_plate, Measuring Cup, 1000g Scales, Teaspoon, blender, mold

  • 250 ml Cold water
  • 2 cups Wood dust
  • 2g Carnauba wax
  • 5g Alginate
  • 15g Agar
  • 5ml Glycerol
  • PRE-STEP: Mix thoroughly the alginate and let is soak in the cold water overnight. If necessary, you can use a hand blender.
  • Gather tools and measure all ingredients.
  • Use the same bio pot where you prepared the orange bioplastic without rinsing it.
  • In the bio pot add the soaked alginate and warm up in heat plate.
  • Add the agar and the glycerol and mix thoroughly.
  • Add the wax to mix until completely melted.
  • Add the wood dust and stir, remove from heat and pour into the mold.
  • Let to dry in over at 30C for 48 hours.

This recipe turned out a bit densed, and it was necessary to spray water on top of the mixture post pouring on mold.

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