Coffee Heater Element

Electronics Project
Made ByWendy Neale
Time Required6 hour(s)
IngredientsMachinable PCB Blank
Equipment RequiredRoland MDX-20

How many of each component are needed? What values?

To make the file(if you don't use the existing one) in Illustrator:

  • make your initial shape
  • object/path/offset line
  • choose a distance that allows you to use the 0.8mm mill-bit, so at least 0.9mm of white space
  • do it lots
  • choose where you will join the shapes to create one continuous line
  • add a small radius to any corners
  • add a pad to the ends of the line
  • to find out the length of the line, go to window/document info while the line is selected
  • refer to your calcs and tweak until it’s all within coo-ee of what you want.
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