Soft Button

Electronics Project
Made ByHannah (based on http://www.kobakant.at/DIY)
Time Required1 hour(s)
IngredientsFabric, Conductive Fabric, Conductive Thread, Foam, Thread
Equipment RequiredSewing Needle, Scissors

Quantities depend on the size of your soft button. You will need at least:

2x Pieces of Fabric
2x Conductive Fabric
1x Foam
Conductive Thread

Using templates cut out; 2x fabric squares , 2x conductive fabric rectangles with tabs and 1x foam square. You could a make button any shape - the one in the image, that looks like a tomato, was made by Sue Prescott.

Fuse or stitch conductive fabric to inside of your base fabric. Make sure the fabric tabs are on opposite sides on each piece. Take the paper off back of conductive fabric shapes and fuse to fabric using the iron.

Punch holes in foam in a regular formation.

Assemble button with conductive sides together, tabs going in opposite directions and foam in centre preventing the conductive layers from coming into contact.

With non-conductive thread blanket stitch around the outside of your button, leave gap where conductive tabs stick out.

To test your soft sensor: Find a resist-O-meter and make sure that one LED is on to show that the battery is connected. Connect each alligator clip to a separate conductive tab. Press your button to see how many LEDs light up. If all three LEDs light up then your button is very conductive.

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